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Watersports Escorts in London

30 May 2017

As part of our series on Escort Terminology, which we started with our blog on full service escorts in London last week, we thought we would discuss Watersports escorts.


Also known by the acronym WS, watersports escorts are ladies who love to indulge themselves in the actions of bodily fluids, or fluidphilia. These are girls that really like to push the boundaries of their sexual exploration and want their clients to indulge in their fantasies.


More often than not this is the act of 'Golden Showers', whereby a client, or their escort, will urinate on one another. 


Whilst this may seem like a strange thing to be doing for many people, there are a great deal of our clients who like the experience this. The best thing about undertaking it with an escort is that there is no 'taboo' or guilt around indulging in watersports, where there might be in other relationships. Being with a woman that does it on a daily basis removes the social stigma that revolves around what is essentially a very common and harmless fetish.


As such, we have a lot of ladies at Premier Models UK who enjoy golden showers, and really enjoy them for a variety of reasons. The most common of which are:


  • Sexual Gratification: many people like the feeling as part of sexual stimulation, much like any other form of sexual activity such as oral, anal, or any other act that doesn't merely involve vaginal penetration.
  • As part of sado-masochism. A lot of our clients come and book our BDSM escorts because they want to indulge their desires to either dominate or be dominated. One way of doing this is by being subservient and having a beautiful lady urinate on you. The other is to take a submissive escort and urinate on them as an assertion of power and control.


Whatever the reason for enjoying the sensation of warm piss trickling down your body, the fact is that it's something a great deal of people enjoy, and something which many urge others to experience. 


Whilst there is certainly still a certain stigma to actively seeking these kinds of fetishes, this is something we feel should not be an issue in this day and age. That's why we seek to promote people who want to experience things with others and have created this agency that allows adults to get together and explore their fantasies.


We do suggest when booking a girl for watersports you let us know in advance so preparations can be made. Also there are some girls that will only give or receive, so please verify this with us to avoid disappointment.


So if you're considering visiting an escort for Watersports, check out some of the girls below to see who takes your fancy:


Watersports Escort Katya For Golden Showers in Baywater London










She is absolutely stunning, with such pretty features, and a perfect, slim physique.



Katya has a perfect ass, and ample pert breasts. 



Offering watersports as well as Erotic Massage, OWO and FK, she is a very naughty girl indeed.

















Blonde Escort in London Anna Watersports Companion










Another absolute beauty, this slim and slender Blonde escort is sheer perfection.



Not only does she have a supermodel's physique, but she has a pornstars voracious desire for sexual fantasy. 



Also offering a'levels and domination, this is the girl of your dreams!

















Watersports Teen Escort Milana









One of our teen escorts, Milana is a young girl with beauty and experience.



Another watersports escort, she is a kinky young girl!





















London Watersports Escort Madonna










Madonna is one of our most exxxtreme escorts. She loves everything filthy that you can imagine. 



Whether it's a casual golden shower or a serious hardsports session, she's a filthy little minx that wants you covered in all that she's got!





*DISCLAIMER: Any money paid to our girls is for time spent with them, anything that happens during that time is between two consenting adults.





The Naughtiest Uniform Escorts in London

27 February 2017

Click, clack. High heel shoes tap along marble. Edging closer and closer, they're growing louder with each step. The noise is almost deafened by the rush of blood in your ears as the steps stop outside your door. The scuff of two feet turning on the spot, then. Momentarily. A brief knock. You stand, your knees steadying. It can be none other than your uniform escort here to live out your dirty little fantasy. So who did you choose tonight...


Our Sexy Escorts in Uniform


With so many options it can be hard to make a choice. Do you want to live out your filthy teen schoolgirl fantasy? Or do you want to be bent over by a bent officer in PVC? What about a prostate exam from a dramatically under qualified nurse? Whatever you want, however you want it, our uniform escorts are here just waiting for you...



Uniform escort charlotte in head mistress outfit










Mature Headmistress Charlotte



You've been a very naughty boy, haven't you? You've been caught wanking in class again, haven't you? And what's this about you trying to look up all the girls' skirts?



Headmistress Charlotte would like to have a word with you, NOW! You better get on your hands and knees boy, because this is a teacher that doesn't know about the '98 corporal punishment ban. 



Just remember to call her miss and, whatever you do, don't look her in the eyes!



View Charlotte's Profile →










Catwoman Uniform Escort Larissa









Catwoman Larissa



It's 23:30. There's the clanging of bins outside, the smashing of bottles. Hissing and clawing at the door. Is it that gang of felines terrorising the neighbours again, or is it catwoman Larissa?




Hopefully the latter. Our Michelle Pfeiffer look-a-like is a seriously naughty young lady with some seriously long legs. The perfect seductress, her feline strut and pussy cat eyes will have you feeding her your milk in a matter of minutes.



She responds well to heavy petting and presents, and has a pretty kitty to boot.



View Larissa's Profile →










Escort in Nurse outfit AKA












Busty Matron Aka



Are you feeling poorly? Then there's no one better for you than your busty matron Aka. Lay your head to rest on gargantuan 42G tits and everything will be alright in the world.



But don't get on the wrong side of her. Aka expects all of her patients to be on their best behaviour. If not, she will have you squatting and coughing for her. And don't make her get out the restraints...



42G. Forty-two. G.



View Aka's Profile →









Latina schoolgirl escort Jasmine











The Filthy Latina Schoolgirl Jasmine



She's been bunking off school again. Smoking cigarettes with her slutty friends and flashing her pussy to guys on the high street. Daddy's little girl is in need of some serious punishment!



So grab her by the hair, drag her home and make her pull that tiny excuse for a skirt up over her ass so she can get a good spanking. She'll be begging daddy to do anything to her, use her in anyway. 



"I'll be a good girl from now on," she says...



View Jasmine's Profile 







That's just a taster of the sort of uniforms our escorts like to wear, and just a couple of the filthiest girls we have. Almost all of our girls like to play dress up, and have extensive wardrobes full of the kinkiest outfits that they'd love to wear for you:



So if you're looking to book a uniform escort in London, there is really only one place to be, and that's right here, right now. We have the largest selection of a level escorts in uniform, as well as the sluttiest teen escorts in the city, so whatever your fantasy is, we have a girl just waiting to fulfil it...


Book A Uniform Escort Now → Contact Us





The New A Level Escorts

03 April 2016

It's been a while since we posted, what with travelling and the phone ringing non-stop, we haven't had a chance to stop. But we're back now to bring you updates on our naughty London escorts, you lucky, lucky boys.

As ever, we're inundated by the filthiest A Level escorts in the land - girls from all four corners of the planet who love nothing more than a bit of back door action. So let's introduce you to the latest girls that will wow your fantasies.



Blonde A Level Escort Cavalli in London Premier models uk











Blonde Anal Girl Cavalli



Just look at that plump white booty. Ripe for the picking, you want to sink your teeth into that hot flesh, run your tongue along her cheeks and taste her divine crack.



Cavalli is a ferocious blonde. A curvy, horny young lady who loves to have her ass indulged. She loves to be rimmed and will spend hours sat on your face until you can't take it any more.



For bookings with Cavalli in Notting Hill, give us a call now.


Contact Us









Sexy Young Anal Escort Kyra in London at Premier Models UK










Slutty Anal Escort Kyra



Just one second in the company of Kyra, you'll see that she's a naughty little slut who likes to do all the filthy things that you could imagine. 



Always dressed in her finest lingerie, she wears sexy little play suits and teeny tiny little thongs that make that perfect ass POP.



One of the best (according to reviews we've received) OWO girls around, she's got a gift for getting your juices flowing and loves it when you play with that pretty little butt.













Tattooed London Anal Escort Becca Premier Models UK










Tattooed A Level Escort Becca



You don't need to paws for thought with this one... Just slide straight into that sexy little ass and bury yourself for hours in that winking beauty spot ;)



A tight, petite white butt that Becca loves to bounce up and down. Wearing her high heels and fishnet stockings, she's got that naughty PSE look that will have you busting in a matter of seconds!



In-calls in Notting Hill with this sexy little Spanish senorita need to be booked in advance!












Curvy Milf A Level Escort Alexa Premier Models UK










Curvy Anal MILF Alexa



With curves in all the right places, Alexa is a voluptuous girl whose naughty figure will have your eyes and pants bulging.



A dominatrix by nature, she loves to have you worship her ass and delights in sitting on your face, punishing you for being a filthy boy.



Trust us, you want to see that ass up close and personal, it's truly a sight to behold!





Click Here For More A Level London Escorts





Facesitting Escorts & Queening Call Girls

02 December 2015

As part of our BDSM services, a lot of our girls love nothing more than a good old fashioned facesitting session! These hot dominant women absolutely adore it when then have a man sat underneath them, rubbing their panties or bare bottom all over his face and making him their submissive slave!


So are you ready to strap in and let these women use your face as a cushion? Are you willing to let your call girl cover your face with her warm, wet knickers and sit there and take it?


Whether you just want a soft session or a full on queening escort, you can book any of the girls we display below and know full well that she will have you mumbling your way through her crotch for as long as she desires!


So you want to meet some of our face sitting queens? Well, here you are, you naughty boy!



Face Sitting Brunette Escort Lucia










Tall & Dominant Escort Lucia



Just look at this hot dom...



Lucia loves nothing more than making you her slave. Having a man cower at her feet and offer his face as her seat gives her the most pleasure...



So if you think you can take orders from this leggy brunette and be a good little boy, give us a call...















Facesitting Escort Ruby











Kinky Queening Escort Ruby



Just imagine your face is the corner of that sofa...



One of the naughtiest girls around, Ruby simply exudes confidence and loves it when a man will worship her finely tuned body.



With super long legs and a peachy little butt, this brunette really is a kinky queen whose little g-stringed behind could be firmly planted on your lips...












MILF Facesitting Escort











UK MILF Escort Christine



One of the most popular escorts in the whole of London, MILF dominatrix Christine is renowned as the go-to mature call girl if you're a submissive!



If you think you're ready, this PVC'd queen will use you however she wants. She'll suffocate you with her big white arse, her MILF panties in your mouth.



She wants you to sniff, lick and suffocate on her MILF arse and will make you plead for more!












MILF Escort Mistress Ana Lopez








Petite Facesitting Escort Ana Lopez


Just take a look at that outfit, her sexy petite figure spilling out the sides of her horny little straps!



Wearing the naughtiest lingerie and the most killer heels, this classy older woman chews men up and spits them out.



She will use you, abuse you, torture you with her body and force you to be her human cushion. 



Can you feel your heart skipping a beat already? Wait until she's poised just inches from your eyes!











Bit Booty Face Sitting Escort Anastasis










Anastasis Facesitting Queen 


Our young dominatrix Anastasis has an arse that was seemingly crafted for queening. 



A perfectly peachy little butt that will cushion its blows against your cheeks, you wont want her sweet torture to end.



Whether in naughty little fishnets, suspenders of bare naked, her beautiful butt will bounce off your face over and over and over... 



You'll be aching for a taste...





So you think you can handle the delicate torture of our facesitting escorts and queening call girls?... Give us a call on 07500 200 600 or book online and live out your fantasy now! 

Click here for more BDSM Escorts in London!







Pegging Escorts London & Strap-On Specialists A Beginners Guide

15 November 2015

Whether it's your first time, or your fiftieth, our pegging escorts are experts that know how to break you in slowly, or plunge right in at the deep end. Girls that love to dominate their man, they get off on making you theirs, entering you and hitting that sweet spot! New to the whole thing? Let's break it down for you!


Pegging Escorts

Strap On Mistress Dominatrix UK 

What is Pegging?


Pegging is, "a sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man by penetrating the man's anus with a strap-on dildo." 


What's The Attraction?


Whilst penetrative sex in women can stimulate the G-spot, pegging for men will stimulate their prostate gland producing a similar level of orgasm to that experienced by a woman. A common sexual fetish, it's also a way in which a man can relinquish the traditional masculine control of the sex act, a practice commonly associated with BDSM services


Will It Hurt?


The simple answer is yes and no. If you are completely new to the practise then it can be a little bit painful the first time, though your pegging escort will make sure to be as gentle as possible. Of course, part of the pleasure is in the pain, and you will find that the slight discomfort will transform into feeling good. 


How Do I Book An Escort for Pegging?


In the same way that you would book any of our other escorts - simply get on the phone and tell us when you want to make the booking and where you would like to make it - whether it's an in-call or an out-call. Of course you will need to tell us over the phone that you are interested in a woman that can perform pegging with a strap-on, as we will need to make sure that she comes prepared for you!


What Do I Need To Do To Prepare?


As with any booking we urge you to make sure you have showered before the date, or do so upon arrival. Using a douche will ensure that there will be no messy or embarrassing mishaps. Shaving is optional, though not recommended if you are new to it as it can cause a lot of discomfort! 


Our Pegging Escorts


So without any further ado, let us introduce a few of the saucy little senoritas who love to use their strap-ons! These beautiful young women delight in playing with their toys and making their men their sissys. 


Pegging Escort Alice For Strap On Play







Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Alice


Quite simply one of the most gorgeous women we have ever had at Premier Models UK, this hot piece of ass is from Croatia and has a figure that will have you chomping at the bit!



Whilst you may think that this stunning young lady wouldn't be a nasty pegging escort, you couldn't be more wrong!



She loves using her strap on to dominate her clients and loves nothing more than making a man moan in agony and delight as she really goes to town on him!



Just imagine this effeminate, tall, leggy blonde stood over you, that glint in her eyes as she sports her big strap on, readying it for you!



One simply not to be missed!








School Girl London Pegging Escort Larissa







Schoolgirl & Strapon Fetish Escort Larissa


This diminuitive young escort stands at over 5'5'', with powerful legs that she'll have you worshipping, and feet that she craves you to kiss and lick and beg to be close to. 



She specialises with using a strap on, and provides a true BDSM service that many others will try to imitate. Larissa has her own private apartment which she invites you to come along to, and at which she has a whole wealth of toys, restraints and so much more that she can play with!



Eloisa provides a whole lot of roleplay services too, she revels in playing dress up, using naughty outfits, wearing furs, PVC, leather or whatever else. Her knowledge and desire for kink knows no bounds and you will find very few strap on London escorts that can provide a finer service!



For in-calls in her private domination dungeon in South Kensington, please make sure you book in advance!









Submissive Strap On Escort Reanata





Submissive Strap On Escort


Not only is this sexy Colombian a submissive escort that loves to be dominated by her clients, she goes so as an anal escort that loves it in the back passage!



You might think, 'what's she doing on this list, then?...'

Well, as part of being a true submissive she wants to do whatever she can to please you and will do whatever it is you ask of her! If you're looking for a woman that is versatile with the strap-on, a girl that you can be adventurous with, as well as one that can peg you, then Reanata must not be overlooked!



A few hours with this extremely kinky young lady and you will have your mind (and everything else) well and truly blown! She's filthy, filthy fun and a pegging escort that can provide so, so much more.



If none of these girls take your fancy, but you still want to book a strap on adventure with one of our pegging escorts, then please just get in touch and we will direct you in the right direction!

Call on 07500 200 600 or email us at





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