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Whether you’re a seasoned escort client or new to the game entirely, we think everyone can benefit from some top tips to becoming your escort’s favourite client. With just a few considerations, you could make your Mayfair escort want to please you more than ever before. Check out our top tips below!

Top Tips To Make Your London Escort One Happy Lady

Be On Time – Let’s face it, keeping a lady waiting is never a good idea so unless you’re given notice of a time change, always expect to pay for the time you missed. Ensuring you’re on time not only shows to your high-class London escort that you’re punctual but also that you’re considerate towards her schedule. Remember too, not only is there a start time, but there’s a finish time too. While your escort may have enjoyed her time with you, it’s awkward if you overstay, especially if she has to be somewhere. If you’d like to stay longer, ask and if she’s happy to oblige, expect to pay at the rate agreed.


Always Pay First – While we always advise not to talk too much about money in person, it’s still best to deal with it upfront. If you have to refer to it at any time, just call it a gift. Hand the money over first and foremost. Set it down where she can see or wherever you were told to beforehand. The most common place is next to the sink in the bathroom.

 Treat Her Like The Lady She Is – Many seem to forget that their busty London escort is a real woman. She’s a real person who deserves to be treated as such. It’s also worth remembering that you shouldn’t be intimidated by her. She’s there to please you. Mutual respect is key to everyone involved enjoying your meeting to the max.

 Keep On Top Of Your Hygiene – It’s safe to say you’d be pretty peeved if your escort turned up without showering. It works both ways too. We always advise taking a shower and dressing presentably before meeting your escort. If you’re enjoying an incall, you may find an escort asks you to shower on arrival. Showering takes little time and ensures a very happy escort.

At Premier Models UK, Our Girls Deserve The Best!

Here at Premier Models UK, our London escorts deserve the best and what’s more, so too do our clients. By following these simple tips, we guarantee you’ll become your escort’s favourite client!



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